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If you are entering a contest, please make sure you put the name of the CD in the message, as we have many contests per month! *US residents only.

If you are an indie artist looking for airplay on GotRadio, you may submit an mp3 for airplay consideration by using the contact form below or by sending an email to programmer at We have over 40 genres of music so please be sure to indicate the style/type of music you are submitting. Serious artists/musicians need only apply! GotRadio is committed to supporting the independent music community. Tell your friends…GotRadio…Get Music!

Congratulations to these awesome indie artists who’s music made the following August, 2019 station playlists:

Folk Uke – Don’t Bit Beyonce (Ladyland), Grace Morrison – I’m Calling You (Ladyland), Kyle Browning – Changes (AAA Blvd), Liam Somerfield – Street Lights (AAA Blvd), Reverend Jack – Bullet – (Metal), Stare Across – Away (Metal), Slim Paul – Let Me In (Blues), Tom Ameen – Second Time Around (Piano Perfect)

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