Our only goal in GotRadio’s office friendly music room is to make your workday smoother and happier.  The only risk is singing along with the hits and annoying your co-workers.  Pick anyone of these great stations and make your workday go by with a smile!

Soft Rock Cafe

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Soft Rock Cafe offers up an office friendly blend of the best soft rock songs from singer songwriters and bands that were popular in the 60’s, 70s and 80s. Enjoy songs from artists such as The Eagles, Journey, Foreigner, America, Elton John, Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Toto and more!

the OLDIES station


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The greatest hits of the 50’s, 60’s and early 70s!
Got Radio’s OLDIES station!

Adult Alternative

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Pure Triple A adult alternative music. Caamp, The Killers, Spoon, The 1975, Lumineers and more!

Jazz So Smooth

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Sophisticated grooves from today’s top artists as well as classics from Smooth Jazz pioneers at Jazz So Smooth!

The 50s

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Sit back and forever enjoy the fabulous sounds of the 50’s! Crooners, Love Songs, Doo-Wop, and the birth of Rock n Roll!

The 60s

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A musical Kaleidoscope of the 1960’s, including Rock & Roll, R&B, Pop & Soul all put in a pot like Gumbo where you can taste The Beatles, Otis Redding, The Doors, Motown, The Beach Boys, Dusty Springfield and The Grass Roots!

Got Radio...Get 70s!

The 70s

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The memories come rushing back, with your favorite Rock, Pop, Soul, Soft-Rock & Disco hits from the 1970s! Elton John, The Doobie Brothers, Linda Ronstadt, Stevie Wonder, Carly Simon & lots more! Groovy, and far-out baby!

The 80s

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The 80’s created a new wave of sound.  All the best 80s Music: Pop, New Wave, R&B, and rock hits are HERE—on GotRadio.com’s 80’s Station! Stream us now!