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Got Radio’s 90s Alternative station plays all the Alt songs you LOVE from the coolest decade ever!  Did you grow up in the 90s? If you DID, you probably remember these songs…and you also probably remember AOL—and that dial-up modem you had that took FOR-EVER for that AOL screen to show up!!  The World-Wide-Web was happening, and we were all right in the MIDDLE of it, learning as we went along! Oh, yeah, and we were also fooling around with something called NAPSTER—which got a few folks into trouble…but not US!! Lol. It was Friday night, and you were in line at Blockbuster Video looking for a movie to watch for the weekend!

And if you were into music in the 90s…you probably owned a flannel shirt, and perhaps MORE than one. Thanks, Nirvana. Well, at Got Radio, we’ve got that 90s ALT sound you love…from Bands & artists you LOVE…like:



Pearl Jam


Smashing Pumpkins

Jane’s Addiction



Blind Melon

and many, many more!

Got Radio 90s Alternative

Take a listen today! We think you’ll jam to some pretty cool tunes, with MINIMAL commercials. Oh yeah, our 90s Alternative station, and ALL our stations, stream for FREE–so there’s NEVER a monthly subscription fee!  Listen to the 90s Alt station by clicking HERE  

Or, you can see a complete list of Got Radio’s 40+ streaming stations HERE

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