Halloween Party

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Halloween Party

The Halloween party is here, on GotRadio.com!  Listen for spook-tacular favorites like “The Monster Mash” along with scary songs by Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, and even Frank Sinatra (Yes, Witchcraft played here!). Listen from the FREE Got Radio app, at www.Gotradio.com or just click here now to listen!Halloween Party on Got Radio!



Turn the lights out…and the music UP, on GotRadio’s HALLOWEEN PARTY station! Day or Night…October or even August…there’s always spooky music playing, for FREE, on GotRadio.com.  Meanwile, tell your friends about us, and stream from your PC, your laptop, and even your cell.  Listen while you work, in the car, or on your home bluetooth speaker! No need to bob your head in a water-filled container of apples, just listen and enjoy!

No doubt, Vincent Price and Boris Karloff would DIE for a station like this on their cellphone, for take-a-long listening!  And you can hear all of GotRadio’s stations on the GotRadio app or Tune-In app, both available as a download from the iTunes or Google play store! Do YOU have the Got Radio app? If not, download & install it today! It’s a FREE app, and it’s always FREE to listen anytime!

Spread the word, tell your friends!  Got Radio has over 40 stations for your listening pleasure!

For a complete list of Got Radio stations and music rooms, CLICK HERE

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