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Got Radio presents…the OLDIES station!  Now, you can hear the greatest hits of the 50s, 60s & early 70s all on ONE station!

Elvis, the Beatles, The Supremes, Simon & Garfunkle, The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Chuck Berry and so many more favorites!

the OLDIES station

While you can hear our “decades” stations, which each feature a single decade, the Got Radio OLDIES station covers more territory, by playing 3 decades of oldies hits!

Be sure to tell your friends about  GotRadio.com. Or see the complete list of over 40 stations HERE! It’s also available on the free Got Radio app!  Download it from the Google Play store for androids, or the APP store for iPhones. It’s been a long time coming…and Got Radio listened to YOUR suggestions!  Now, you get 3 great decades on one radio station!  Plus, there’s NEVER a subscription fee to listen!  And the real treat—is that we limit the amount of commercials our stations play!  So, you’ll NEVER hear more than 5 minutes of commercials in any hour!  Your LOCAL radio station plays 12-15 minutes of ads per hour!!  Boo!  Hiss!!!

So, give the OLDIES a chance! We ask that you take the GOT RADIO OLDIES CHALLENGE!!  (Hmmm, what’s THAT, you say?)  We ask you to “TRY” our OLDIES station for a week.  Listen at work, at home, or stream in your car.  Whether you’re working from home, or are at the office/business location, we think you’ll LOVE the music on our OLDIES station!  TRY us…you’ll LOVE us!! 🙂


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