Rockin 80s

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Get ready to ROCK, 80s style…with your favorite hard rock, hairbands and much more, on GotRadio’s ROCKIN 80s station!!

Rockin 80s is a radio station crafted for those who aren’t afraid to turn up the volume to 10!  If this is YOU, you’ve got the right place!


Rockin 80s


If you love these bands…Rockin 80s is for YOU…because you LOVE to rock! (and you like it LOUD)

Hear bands and artists like:

  • Scorpions
  • Def Leppard
  • Guns N Roses
  • Ozzy
  • Tesla
  • and even early Metallica!

Loud, raunchy and powerful!

80s rock included amazing drums and, in addition, guitar solos…and you can hear them all on GotRadio’s Rockin’ 80’s station! It’s almost like YOU are choosing the music! Seems like you should share us with your friends & rock on!

Rockin 80’s is one of dozens & dozens of stations available at Listen today for the greatest 80’s Rock songs while you’re at work…or at home…even in your car!