Southern Rock

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As the “Classic Rock” genre splintered in the early to mid-70s, one of those off-shoots became known as “SOUTHERN ROCK.”  In this sub-genre, some amazing bands played incredible, rockin’ music…with a bit of a country/southern flair.

So, Where did it all begin?  Some say it was with The Allman Brothers Band…and they could be right!  The Allmans began their journey in 1969 in Jacksonville, Florida. Known as the 1st ‘real’ Southern rock band, the Allmans were built on rock and blues, with a southern twist.

Soon afterwards, Lynyrd Skynyrd stepped into the spotlight, and took the Allmans up a notch, with a more gritty and louder sound.  And from there, followed Charlie Daniels, The Outlaws, .38 Special, Marshall Tucker and ZZ top, to name a few.

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