The 90s

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Where were YOU in the 90s?  It was a fun, crazy decade that gave us amazing music, in all types of genres!  Whether you liked the 90s hard rock ‘grunge’ sound, the dance grooves of hip-hop, Alternative music, or the pop sounds of the day…the variety was amazing!

The 90's
The 90’s Music from GotRadio


Technology drove us crazy in the 90s, as we began our love/hate affair with the world-wide web! Meanwhile, we hadn’t yet developed the current ‘cellphone’ addiction, but certainly got addicted to searching the web on our dial-up modems, even though they were super-slow, by today’s standards!

With today’s technology, you can pick your favorite station at and listen right from your cellphone, and bluetooth it to your car or home stereo, or Alexa device!  Another way to listen to GotRadio is through our FREE app!  Just download it from the Google play store for your droid, or the iStore for your Apple devices. Feelin’ lazy? Just click HERE NOW to listen!

Some featured artists on GotRadio’s 90’s station:

  • Nirvana
  • Janet Jackson
  • Shania Twain
  • Guns’n’Roses
  • Pearl Jam
  • Mariah Carey
  • Green Day
  • U2
  • TLC
  • Oasis

Some prefer other groups and artists from the 90’s. Therefore, For YOU folks, here’s a list of the TOP 100 Artists from the 90’s! Which are YOUR favorites?(This isn’t OUR list, but certainly includes the 90s BEST and BIGGEST artists & bands of the decade!

In addition, this decade brought us 10 years of memories…some sad, some happy, some incredible!  And let’s not forget, it was the end of the century, and we were all weary of that dreaded Y2k computer virus!  Here’s a timeline of what events moved us:



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